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These Families Are Being Reunited After Military Deployment And It's Beautiful

 When a loved one is away for a long period of time, we miss them, but we learn to live each day on our own. We tend not to worry so much because we know where they are, what they're doing, and the day they are getting back. But not everyone is so lucky. For those with loved ones in the military, they can go months without speaking to them, not knowing where they are, if they're safe, or even when they will be coming home. We love when family and friends come to visit with no warning. So seeing a loved one come back from the military when you were least expecting it and seeing them safe is one of the most amazing and beautiful things in the world.

This video shows some of those moments as children fall into the arms of their mothers and fathers again and when a sister's brother comes home from deployment just in time for her wedding. It's these moments that hold nothing but pure joy and relief. You can't help but feel your heart swell at these touching reunions.

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