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Quick Changeover or SMED -

Quick Changeover or SMED - 

Improve Workplace Efficiencies using Quick Changeover (QCO) / SMED

Quick Changeover Continuous Improvements systematically reduce the downtime experienced when your process changes between variant types.

F1 Pit Stops 1950 vs 2021: Quick Changeover / SMED


Long changeover set up and changeover times impact on businesses, leaving staff idle while equipment is down and excess batching and queues in the delivery of services / products.

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is a theory and set of techniques that aims at reducing equipment set up times to less than 10 minutes, hence the term ‘Single Minute’.

Businesses can utilise QCO / SMED to improve workplace organisation and equipment layout and to help engage teams to determine the ‘one best way’ of working together.

Using Lean QCO / SMED techniques’ we teach teams about:

  • Why changeover times are important
  • Details of changeover with regards to internal / external time , preparation and after tasks
  • Sequencing the changeover efficiently
  • Identifying waste in the current process
  • Effectively re-designing those process steps  to eliminate those wastes
  • Monitoring performance of the changeover time
Pit Crew


To see how it is done you can see here -


The ultimate goal is to be as effective as a pit crew!


Benefits of QCO or SMED strategies:

  • Improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness by reducing downtime
  • Increases Quality Improvement of workplace processes
  • Simplifies and standardises work processes
  • Creates flexibility in processes
  • Can improve employee ergonomics and fatigue levels


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